About Private Investigator Training

Symmetry Investigation Services Inc. is a registered Ministry Private Investigator Training Entity. Our company trains and mentors Private Investigators governed under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, Workplace Investigators under the Health and Safety Act and develops customized workshop training to meet needs specific to any organization. As a recent example, Safety in the Community and Electronic Data Security were developed and recently delivered. Our lead Instructor is a current Investigator, has over 40 years of investigative experience, instructs classes at local Community Colleges and develops our courses.

Our Private Investigator Course is designed according to the training standards prescribed by the Ministry of the Solicitor General under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act. The course content is based on the Ministry's mandated requirements for eligibility to write the Provincial licensing examination for Private Investigators in the Province of Ontario.

Since the formation of Symmetry Investigations Services, we have successfully trained dozens of people from all walks of life.

Course Instructor

Our President Alex Fishbein personally conducts all the training and interactions with the students. All the training is conducted online but arrangements can be made for telephone or in-person meetings.

There are many modular courses online but few that are actually taught by someone with Alex’s depth of knowledge and experience.

Course Structure

Alex developed and still teaches the online Private Investigation Course offered by Ontario Colleges. If you require or desire College accreditation you can register through Ontario Learn. If you are simply seeking a career path, licence or knowledge and choose our course, you will not be bound by College rules or timelines, you have access to the instructor and you save a bit of money. You do not require any extra texts or materials. The course is composed of 19 lectures, 12 quizzes, an online assignment and 3 exams including the final.

Course Topics

Topics include but are not restricted to the following:

The Industry, the PSISA, Privacy Statutes, Evidence, Provincial Statutes, Labour Law, Criminal Code, Arrests, The Criminal Court System, Criminal Conduct, Civil Law, Handling & Presenting Evidence,  Communication & Interview Techniques, Report Writing,  Ethical Reasoning & Decisions, Tactical Communication, Management Skills, Conducting Investigations, Using Industry Related Equipment, Tort Law, Libel, Slander, Perjury, Criminal Offences, Surveillance and Document Service.

As a registered Ministry Private Investigator Training Entity upon successful completion of the course Symmetry Investigation Services Inc. will register you with the Ministry of the Solicitor General, obtain and provide you with a licensing number, and a certificate of completion thereby giving you the ability to write the Provincial Exam.


To register for the course simply send us an email requesting course registration. You will receive an email with further instructions and information.


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